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I never thought I was beautiful
    Not until you called me yours
    Not until your fingers traced the wide, rippled stripes
       on stomach, thigh, knee, arm
          until you found them in the dark
       and traced them as I fell asleep
          until they were shiny
       and special
       and I didn't want to hide anymore
    Not until being squishy was something to be proud of
       because now I was soft and comfy and wonderful
    Not until you told me they were wrong
       and refused to let me think otherwise
    Not until you said you loved all of me

I never thought I was beautiful

But you told me often enough
     that I finally started to believe you
Beautifully Yours
And now I am not ashamed of what I see. All thanks to you

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            if you were that person
         who used to laugh and whisper
            when someone walked by

                            Fuck You

                                its because of you
                           that when other people laugh
                                 its at my expense

                                            so yes, Fuck You

                                                     you are the reason
                                               i have come to fear all their
                                                    laughter and whispers
10 Signs you fell for Her when you weren't paying attention:

            1 - You look forward to school
                    Not because you enjoy it, but because it means you get to spend the day with Her

            2 - You memorized Her schedule
                    Only for the purpose of knowing when you're close, how long until you see Her again, and
                                whether or not you'll be able to walk to your next class together

            3 - You have every opportunity to invite Her over but don't
                    Because the thought of Her saying no make you more nervous than anything else

            4 - You sneak a computer into your room after curfew
                    Just so you can talk to Her for one more hour. Even when you'll see Her the next morning

            5 - You snap to attention at anything close to the mention of Her
                    Road trips become a nightmare when Her name happens to sound like that of a hotel chain

            6 - You know what car Her mother drives
                    And begin to look for it every time you leave the house

            7 - You feel the warmth of butterflies in your stomach
                    When you notice She's fallen asleep on you. Or when She's anywhere near you, for that matter

            8 - You can't stop thinking about Her eyes
                    And how they've become your favorite color

            9 - You miss Her
                    Even when you know She's right next door

            10 - When She walks into a room you smile
                    And suddenly everything is right in the world

           Of course, you won't know what any of this means
                          Until years down the road

                    Long after you've given Her your heart
                                 Along with all the  rest of you

                                                               That you fell for Her across a middle school lunch table

                                         And haven't stopped loving Her since
10 Signs
Because I'm the person who just now realized what all of this meant after five years

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